The political crisis in Nicaragua has caused pressing financial needs for CICRIN.

Read below to learn how you can help.

Because of the political crisis in Nicaragua, CICRIN needs your help! Friends of CICRIN is undertaking its largest funding campaign to date, seeking to raise funds to support one year of operating expenses at approximately $8,000 per month. To date, we have raised the funds necessary to cover July, August, and part of September. More help is needed. We want to continue to support CICRIN until there is a peaceful resolution to the country’s political crisis. 
Please consider making a donation as soon as you are able.

Since April 18, 2018 a dangerous social and political situation has been plaguing the country of Nicaragua. Protests began against Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega’s government after it was announced the government was increasing taxes and decreasing pension benefits. The result has been an uprising of the country’s students, residents, and poor who are protesting these sweeping changes. There have been surges of violent activity that have begun to lessen economic activity. Talks for reconciliation have been suspended. The space where peaceful resolutions lie is widening by the day. The clashes between residents and government groups are resulting in business and road closings. This is impacting food and necessary supply lines. Resources are becoming limited and CICRIN is hurting because of it.

Thus far, CICRIN has been able to continue to operate the school and the residential facility. Even with the shortages of gasoline, teachers come by bicycle or are picked up by CICRIN. Because of CICRIN’s farming, there is a food supply for several months. However, in the last eight weeks all sixteen planned service groups to CICRIN between now and April 2019 were forced to cancel their trips. Much of CICRIN’s funding comes from these groups and with its loss, there are growing concerns about the ability to pay monthly bills including salaries for teacher sand employees. Without immediate help, CICRIN may be looking at closing its doors and ending the ministry of the last 28 years. 

We encourage to you learn more about the country’s political ongoing crisis. Below are news articles with information about the situation. We will keep this links updated as the situation progresses:

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