Sucre Barrios Barrios
Date of Birth: December 18, 1996

Sucre Alexander, who is from Ometepe, was abandoned by his mother when he was very young when she separated from his father. At this time the children were divided. Sucre, together with his other brother, was left with the father, and his sisters went with his mother.

Sucre’s childhood was difficult because his father was an alcoholic who constantly spent time in the streets. Sucre escaped from his house and went looking for his mother, who had already sought help from CICRIN asking that her daughters be admitted, as she was extremely poor and couldn’t feed them (It should be mentioned that she had problems with alcohol too). Sucre wanted to be together with his sisters, Christian and Amalia, and for their well-being, they were admitted to the Center.

He has been a very happy person. He enjoys swimming in the lake, jumping, juggling, and jumping into the water from the trees. He is very interested in his studies, and currently is in high school. Not long ago, he was admitted to the Dance Ministry of the church, and is participating in flag dancing. He is also learning to play the trumpet and does presentations with the folklore group of CICRIN.