Keyla Lacayo Condega

Birthday : February 26, 1993

Keyla came to CICRIN when she was 6 years old. Her mom gave her away when she was a baby and she was separated from her two big brothers. Until she was 6, she lived with a lady who took care of her. As her situation was not good in the place she was living, someone asked CICRIN to help her and that is why we opened the doors for her. At the same time her other two brothers also came to CICRIN and they were so happy to be together.

Keyla is very smart girl.  She loves God and she is so happy to serve him.

Right now she is in the University studying Graphic Design. She is attending the Christian Center in Managua where she is a leader of the Group of Dance. Even though she is in Managua, she loves to come to CICRIN and visit her friends.  She loves to help there and share with the kids.