Karen Maria

My name is Karen María Duarte. I arrived at CICRIN on November 5, 1999 when I was 8 years old. I left CICRIN when I was 19 years old and I currently live in Managua with my old CICRIN friends. I am studying Psychology at the Nacional Autonomous Nicaraguan University (UNAN) and I plan to graduate in 2016.

I am a youth group leader at church. I really like this ministry and I give it my all. If the teens need something that I can help with, I do it. I enjoy working with them.

My plans after graduation are to find a specific field to specialize in. I also hope to rent or purchase a living space of my own- seeing as how I cannot count on living with my parents because they do not live in the country.

What I liked best about CICRIN was that I was shown the path that led me to God. I also enjoyed when we would get visits from foreigners and they would take us on field trips. I truly loved the Christmas dinners we used to have.

Note:  Karen herself wrote this biography in Spanish.  It was translated into English by staff.