Wilberto Jimmy Lopez Nuñez

Date of Birth: August 18, 1995

Jimmy was born in Costa Rica. When he was a baby, his older sister Marjorie took care of him because his mother was an alcoholic. Usually the mother would leave them alone in the neighborhood with little food to feed them.

At the age of fifteen months, Jimmy was admitted to CICRIN with his sister. His other brother Luis already lived in CICRIN. Jimmy suffered from malnutrition, but with an appropriate diet, he rapidly became healthy.

Jimmy is an intelligent young man, but due to his hyperactivity has had problems controlling himself in school. These problems caused a loss in some years of schooling.

Currently, Jimmy is in accelerated courses in high school so he can learn quickly and make up for lost time. This young man is a hard worker and is talented. He is part of the traditional dance groups of CICRIN and has had the opportunity to travel off of the island to do presentations. He is also learning to play the trumpet in the music classes offered at the center.