Heissel Yesenia Alcocer 

Date of Birth: April 26, 1995

Heissel was admitted to CICRIN due to her living conditions as a child. Her father abandoned her in her infancy and her mother had difficulty taking care of her, as she already had many children.

As a child, she was very sick with grade III malnutrition. Heissel soon developed skin problems and a tumor on the left side of her chest. She was admitted by the government due to the neglect and risk in which she was found.

She is a very active, helpful, and friendly teenager. She easily makes friends with people who visit the Center and is also very kind with the visitors.

In respect to her education, it has been rather difficult for her. However, she has overcome the obstacles and has done well in many classes that she previously struggled in. Currently she is studying beauty at one of the best beauty schools in Managua.  In addition, she hopes to study physiotherapy.

She forms a part of the Ministry of Dance of the church and also belongs to the folklore group of CICRIN and has had the opportunity to partake in presentations in different cultural events outside of Ometepe.