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Erlin Estiven

Erlin Estiven
Date of Birth:  March 14

Erlin Estiven came to CICRIN January 2015. His birthday is March 14, and he  is currently 9 years old. Estiven came to CICRIN shortly after his single mother moved to Ometepe Island from Managua.  She felt she could not provide him with a brighter future so she sought help.

Estiven is a bright little boy and he especially loves to learn. When he comes home from class, Estiven is the first to pull out his books and study his notes from class. If he is not studying, you can find Estiven riding around on a bicycle, playing fútbol (soccer) with the rest of the boys, or playing music on his computer. He is one of the most polite little boys you will ever meet.  He is also kind and helpful.