Anielka Chavarria
Date of Birth: July 2, 2003

Anielka was born in Managua. Her admission into CICRIN was granted in March 2011. Due to the extreme poverty of her mother, who has five other children, and abandonment by her father, Anielka was brought to CICRIN for help in the Educative Program.

Together with her younger brother, Yesel Noel, Anielka has been adapting to the activities of the Center. Her behavior has improved considerably. At the beginning she presented serious problems with disobedience and rebellion. With the spiritual and psychological help that CICRIN provides recently admitted children, Anielka has done very well. She continues the process.

She is very affectionate and kind, and easily makes friends with the visitors. She likes to play kickball with the other girls, and is learning to skate, although it costs a lot.