Our Vision
We remain true to our original vision of supporting the neediest children of Nicaragua at CICRIN on Ometepe. Ometepe is an isolated island community in a country that is poor and politically and economically isolated.

A second element of our vision is to have an impact on the community beyond the children. In addition we want to provide education, through a day-school, to the children in neighboring communities, vocational education classes for adults, and be a source of inspiration and God's word to the broader community. In short, we want to make a real difference.


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The support of CICRIN is completely a "grass-roots" effort. Nicaragua is the second poorest country in this hemisphere. The need is very large, and our contributions go a long way. They make a big difference. 
"Friends of CICRIN" make monthly contributions, one-time contributions, support an individual child or fund an individual project. Additionally, there are organizations and churches who support CICRIN but more support is needed.  CICRIN is independent and is not supported by any one organization. Will you be a "friend to CICRIN"?

Our Staff
CICRIN is managed by Hellen Vindas, an exceptional woman from Costa Rica, who visited, saw a need and had her heart touched to remain and care for the children. With the exception of Hellen, the facility is entirely staffed by Nicaraguans and has the blessing of the Nicaraguan government, who sees it as an important vehicle to support the neediest Nicaraguan children.

Everyday it takes a group of dedicated individuals to provide for the children of CICRIN.  Pictured to the right is the staff of CICRIN.  This staff is composed of caregivers, house "tios" and "tias", cooks, teachers and administrators.

Our History
CICRIN is a protestant non-denominational children's home which has served the children of Nicaragua for over thirty years. It was founded in the 1970s by American missionaries who bought the land, established a vision and took in the neediest of the island children. It was closed during the Sandinista revolution when the Sandinistas co-opted the facility to use as a training base, but was returned to CICRIN at the close of the revolution. CICRIN is protestant, but non-denominational, being supported by individuals and Christians of all faiths - with the belief that by setting aside denominational nuances, that we can collectively work to make a real difference in the lives of children and of the Ometepe island community.



Our services

We care for approximately 28 children who are orphaned, abandoned, or were in danger in their homes. These children receive:
  • a home of Christian love and support
  • proper clothing, food, and living care (including medical and dental care)
  • a safe environment (physically, emotionally, spiritually)
  • an education and vocational path to allow them to learn valuable trades or to attend a Nicaraguan university if appropriate
  • an exit strategy which allows them to become independent and contributing members of Nicaraguan society
Beyond caring for the children who live at CICRIN, we offer services to members of our community. These services include education in important vocational skills.
  • primary school education to other children on the island
  • adult education in the English language
  • rudimentary computer classes
  • sewing and music classes

Ometepe Island, Nicaragua