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YOU can help! 
There are many ways to help the children and teens living at CICRIN. Providing for their basic needs continues to be very important, as there are never enough resources. 

However, if you, your family, church or organization are interested in making a pledge or gift to help provide for the expansion of the CICRIN campus and its outreach to local children living on Ometepe, the list below will provide you with a few very important and needed projects. 
Tami Radecke, President of Friends of CICRIN, would be happy to talk to you or a group member about these projects or how you can make a pledge over a specific period of time. Please email her at: friends.of.cicrin@gmail.com.
Expand Education Outreach - $25,000
CICRIN currently offers a primary school to more than 80 school-aged children. These children live on the Island (of Ometepe) and are from very poor families.

CICRIN would like to expand their educational outreach to teenagers and offer three classes required of high-school aged children. CICRIN Director, Hellen Vindas says, “God has been talking to our hearts about this. We have talked with teachers from Managua and Costa Rica about starting the school and providing education to high school teens. We feel as if God is calling us to do this.” 

To expand the current school to include three additional classrooms and a bathroom, a grant of $25,000 is needed.

Meditation Area - $6,000

CICRIN is grateful for the many teams that visit the orphanage and provide support. Director Hellen Vindas would like to provide a special place with a tile floor, pillars and a roof (similar to a mini-rancho) with hammocks, rocking chairs and a place for journaling. The idea is to have a quiet place for visitors to pray, rest, reflect, read and hangout.

A gift of $6,000 would provide a Meditation Area for CICRIN guests and staff.

Completion of the Missionary House - $5,000

CICRIN is grateful for the many missionary teams that visit CICRIN and provide medical and dental care, hands-on work on new construction projects, and education to the children of CICRIN and those living on Ometepe.

CICRIN would like to have a special house that would house 18 group members of missionary teams. This facility was started, but CICRIN has not had the money to complete it. It has six rooms and three bathrooms, as well as a large area for group meetings, but it still needs to have the ceiling finished inside ($3,400), two bathrooms installed ($750), a septic system ($100) and security bars ($600).

Gifts of all sizes are welcome to help CICRIN complete this important project.

Remodeling of the Little Boys’ House - $2,600

A small facility near the kitchen is the place where the little boys living at CICRIN call home. The Little Boys’ House is in desperate need a separate bathroom (sinks, toilets, shower).

The cost of the expanding the Little Boys’ House is $2,600.

New Sidewalk Damaged by Mango Tree -$1400

If you have been to CICRIN, you have probably seen the big mango tree that stands in front of the TV room and patio.The tree has very large roots that have damaged the existing sidewalk in front of the TV room. CICRIN needs to replace sidewalk so the children, workers and missionary team members don’t fall over the existing damaged sidewalk.

A gift of $1,380 would provide for the cement, sand, stone, labor and other supplies needed to build a new sidewalk in front of the TV room and patio.

Expand the Chicken House

In recent years, the children and teens have seen the value of having a garden that produces fresh vegetables and fruit, as well as chickens that lay eggs. Currently, the chickens at CICRIN produce eggs that can be cooked for the children and sometimes the missionary teams.

If the chicken house could be expanded, then CICRIN could house more chickens that produce more eggs. These eggs could be sold to families in the local community and these monies would help CICRIN meet the costs of providing for the children at CICRIN.

A gift of $1,300 would provide the resources needed to expand the Chicken House.

Repair of Stairs Leading to Rancho - $500

The stairs leading to the Rancho are broken and are a safety hazard for the children, workers and guests at CICRIN. In fact, a member of a team from a group in Pennsylvania sprained her ankle and was on crutches for six weeks following a fall down the stairs!

A gift of $500 will provide the cement, sand, stone, labor and other supplies needed to repair the steps and replace the steps that are broken.

Ceilings needed to complete Psychologist’s Office and Library Room

Two new facilities that are not able to be used to their fullest extent due to needing ceilings installed are the Psychologist’s Office and the Library. A Psychologist visits CICRIN on regular intervals to interview and talk with the children and teens about their emotions and concerns. Some of the children living there come from very abusive or dysfunctional family environments, so a psychologist helps them to understand and work through their feelings. The library provides a quiet place for the children and teens to read or borrow books to read.

Both of these facilities need to have ceilings installed. A gift of $500 would provide the resources and labor necessary to complete these projects.