• CICRIN is a non-denominational Christian home for needy children located on Ometepe Island in Nicaragua, a poor, economically isolated country where the average worker earns only $4.70 per day. 
                      • Our purpose is to improve the lives of Nicaraguan children who are orphaned, abandoned, or are in danger in their homes.
  • CICRIN's funding comes solely from the generous support of individuals and churches and institutions.
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This charming video shows you many of the kids of CICRIN
and where they live.
Have a look.

Great things are happening at CICRIN. In addition to our elementary school, we're offering high school classes starting in January 2017.  
Check out our School Campaign for more information.

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Above,the children are enjoying stuffed toys donated by Father's Hope.

Below, the children with new school supplies donated by Sandy Watkins